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Along with our service center in Lantana, we also offer a variety of mobile golf cart services, where one of our service technicians will come out to your location and provide maintenance and repairs.  We’re committed to providing the best service to ensure that you get the most out of your golf cart. With routine service and maintenance for your golf cart, you’re guaranteed many years of dependable operation and use. We offer golf cart service for a variety of industry-leading golf cart brands, such as EZGO, Club Car, and Yamaha, as well as various brands such as Advanced EV, Icon®, Evolution, Tomberlin, and more. You can expect a swift, professional diagnosis from our factory-trained technicians and specialists. All of our parts and accessories come with a warranty to ensure your total satisfaction. In addition to our competitive prices, we are also well-equipped to work on all golf cart types, styles, and models available in the market.

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Our mobile golf cart services currently available include:

Battery Service

  • Test voltage one by one and all together; test load capacity on single batteries
  • Check tightness of cables and connections, replace bad cables
  • Clean any corrosion
  • Check water level – if low, technician adds distilled water to bring up to proper level
  • Test cart to make sure it drives, plug in cart to check that charger comes on


  • Check water levels before charging
  • Supercharger connects to all batteries of a 48V cart
  • Supercharging takes between 1-4 hours

When a cart is done supercharging, it had enough power for its regular charger to take effect and begin recharging it.

Tire Changes

Our tire services are usually called to change a flat tire. We will:

  • Loosen lugnuts, jack up cart, remove and replace wheel
  • Standard golf cart tires are 18-8.5-8; we can change up to a 14 inch tire
  • Customers can also provide a tire that we can put on

Full mobile service technician coming soon.

Filter Changes

For gas carts:

  • Filter change
  • Spark plugs

To get an oil change, the golf cart will need to be brought to our service center: click here to contact our mobile golf cart repair website and arrange for pickup.

Light Accessory Installation

Accessory lighting includes:

mobile golf cart services, golf cart repair, battery service mobile golf cart services, golf cart repair, battery service

Parts ordered from Prime Cart Parts can be installed by one of our mobile service technicians for customers living in south Florida. Contact us to find out if we are able to service your specific area.

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