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The Aluma golf cart is a street ready vehicle that can reach a maximum of approximately 25mph, and comes with all the safety features needed to register the cart as a street legal low speed vehicle (LSV), including headlights, taillights, brake lights, horn, and turn signals. LEDs in the side mirrors also function as turn signals. Our Aluma carts come with multiple accessories pre-installed, such as a front clay basket, custom, color-matched 3-tone luxury seats, and color-changing LED lights underneath the roof, cart body, and in the dash compartments. These LED lights can switch between 8 different colors and includes a remote to control them.

aluma golf cart, aluma 4 passenger cart, aluma 6 passenger cartAll Aluma carts have custom three-tone seats (for example, a red cart will likely have black, white, and red seats – most other custom golf cart seats are two-tone instead), a thick tinted folding windshield, 4 wheel hydraulic disc brakes, a state of charge meter, and a high/low switch. This switch is for climbing and can be flipped between a higher speed for travelling along roads with a less than 26 degree incline, and a slower speed for climbing a higher than 26 degree incline. Another feature of the Aluma golf cart is its folding back foot rest – the foot rest on the back of the cart can be folded up for extra storage space by pushing it in and using the rear seatbelts to hold it in place.

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aluma golf cart, aluma 4 passenger cart, aluma 6 passenger cartWhile most golf carts have a 4KW motor, Aluma golf carts have a powerful 5KW 48V AC motor, and feature a 400 amp programmable Curtis controller with regenerative braking – meaning that the energy used while slowing the cart is harnessed and used to help recharge and preserve the battery level. Aluma golf carts are also unique in that they have the largest golf car cabin in their class, making the Aluma cart ideal for drivers and passengers who are tall with its wide open space for leg room. Another feature is the folding rear footrest – the footrest on the back of the cart can be folded in to make the cart shorter, creating more space for storage. The back armrests on the cart also open for small storage space, and the back seats fold down to create a flat surface for transporting materials. Underneath the back seats is also another storage compartment, with a removable cover.

A powerful 105AH lithium battery is a standard feature in the Aluma golf cart, while most other golf carts come with the standard lead-acid battery system and need to have a lithium battery installed. The Aluma cart’s lithium battery is 80% lighter than a standard lead-acid battery system, and also has a much longer lifespan and driving range, and a fast 2.5 hour charging time. Lithium batteries are zero maintenance, meaning they do not need the waterfilling and terminal cleaning/tightening that lead-acid batteries do.

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